Bubbles Maker 8-10 years


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Minimum level: None
Duration: 2h30
Place: Swimming pool or beach
Minimum age: 8


From the age of 10, kids can try a regular discovery dive. However, when they are younger, they sometimes want to feel the experience of breathing underwater. As soon as they are 8, they can try scuba with a special instructor who will take care of them underwater at a maximum depth of 6 feet or 2 meters. 

We have options for swimming pool or from beach. In the swimming pool, kids will have fun breathing underwater and playing games to feel how fishes live. They will also receive some explanations about our beautiful ocean. With the beach option, kids will breathe underwater and might be able to see some fishes and corals and will be told some funny stories about them.


  • Swimming pool or Beach club entrance (depending on the option chosen)
  • Instructions
  • Full equipment
  • 1 picture
  • Games for swimming pool
  • Candies after dive

Special rules will apply during Covid 19, and wearing mask at all time is mandatory.


  • Morning or afternoon options

  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345

  • info@bubblesunderwater.com

  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345