Open Water certification


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Minimum level: None
Duration: 3 Days
Place: Beach and boat
Minimum age: 10


This class will make you become a certified scuba diver able to dive with a local guide or with a certified buddy anywhere in the world. Revising your PADI manual, you will understand more about diving safety and you will learn the theory part at your own rhythm, in your hotel room, on the beach or eating a guacamole. Then, you will practice exercises with your instructor to get ready for the final exam.

Confined waters sessions will make you feel comfortable and confident in the water. Then you will apply what you have learnt into deeper waters, called open water sessions.

In total, 5 confined water sessions (which can be united) and four open water sessions with exercises and fun diving time will be necessary to complete your certification. Open water sessions will be half from shore and half from boat and will always be realized to discover as much marine life as possible.

Your instructor will teach you all you need to know to make sure you will be a confident and safe future diver.


  • Instructions with Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • 1 swimming pool session
  • Swimming pool entrance fees
  • 2 beach dives
  • Beach club entrance fees
  • 2 boat dives (lunch, drinks, refreshing towel and marine park entrance)
  • 1 PADI original and mandatory book
  • PADI fees
  • Full set rental gear and tanks
  • 3 offered underwater pictures
  • 1 offered souvenir gift
  • 1 offered personalized Logbook

Special rules will apply during Covid 19, lunch won't be served and wearing mask at all time is mandatory.




  • Day 1: exercises in swimming pool with theory class
  • Day 2: two beach dives with theory class
  • Day 3: two boat dives

  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345


  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345