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Minimum level: None
Duration: Tailor-made
Place: Boat
Minimum age: None


We have different options of private boats to fit your needs the best possible way. You may have the choice between slow boat or fast boat, snorkeling only or scuba only, or we can do both. You choose being with your family, your friends or you may prefer a romantic trip. You are celebrating a special event? We can also arrange a beautiful day for you. Whatever you want can surely be satisfied. For a snorkel trip, we offer a traditional boat with shades, space and bathroom onboard. We can visit up to 3 reefs and have lunch in paradise. We also offer you pictures of your trip at the end of your day. For a scuba trip, you can choose slow boat or fast boat, depending on what you prefer. We can offer you to visit 2 reefs or more, have lunch onboard if you want, and you will leave with amazing pictures. For a charter trip, you can choose between snorkel and scuba, or both, someone can do only snorkel and the other one only scuba, it is all up to you. We can visit 2 reefs or more and everyone will be satisfied with lunch, pictures and incredible memories.


All our private boat option includes:

  • Multi-language staff
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Pictures
  • Inflatable toys
  • Refreshing towel after trip

Special rules will apply during Covid 19, wearing mask at all time is mandatory.


  • Build your own

  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345


  • +52 1 987 103 9553
  • +52 1 987 112 8345